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Episode 49: The Important Job of a METRO Trainer

Description: As we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we look at the incredibly important job of a METRO trainer. Listen as METRO's Doug Delony visits with METRO Trainer Tyrone Scott.


Episode 48: Distracted Driving Can Have the Same Deadly Consequences as Drinking and Driving

Description: Joshua Zuber with AAA drops by The Next Stop to share the real-life consequences of distracted driving. Even a brief distraction can be deadly!


Episode 47: METRO Police Celebrate 40 Years of Public Service

Description: METRO Police Chief Vera Bumpers and METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert reflect on the METRO Police Department's 40 years of public service to the Houston region.


Episode 46: Save money and stress less with METRO STAR Vanpool

Description: Gas prices remain high, have you considered METRO's vanpool service? Danicel Whitaker and Dezra Nauls from STAR Vanpool join Doug Delony to explain why you need to give it a try.


Episode 45: Job stability, big incentives and professional development | Why you should work at METRO!

Description: There will always be a need for public transit, and there will always be a need for public transit employees. In this edition of The Next Stop, we’re talking job stability and perks of the job at Houston METRO.

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Episode 44: Tech and Innovation — A Different Kind of Rodeo is Coming to METRO’s Red Line

Description: Bryant Chan and Noah Fons from Houston Exponential join METRO's Doug Delony to discuss the upcoming Tech Rodeo Roadshow. Everyone is welcome, and the Red Line will be the best way to make sure you don't miss out.

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Episode 43: Texas Has a New Crosswalk Law – Here’s What You Need to Know

Description: Jay Blazek Crossley from Farm&City joins METRO's Doug Delony to talk about pedestrian safety, Vision Zero and what drivers need to know.

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Episode 42: Plan my Route, How a Bus Route is Planned?

Description: So how does route planning work anyway? From planning to evaluation, METRO has a talented team working behind the scenes to plan the routes and get riders where they need to go. In this episode, the head of METRO’s service planning explain how it works, and why even the most thoughtful plans sometimes have to quickly change.

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Episode 41: Making Safer Streets

Description: This episode explores the ways METRO is working closely with Vision Zero Houston to make our streets safer and end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

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Episode 40: Doing Business with METRO

Description: From landscaping to major capitol projects, small businesses provide vital services to help METRO operate. This episode explains how small business owners can learn about opportunities and programs METRO offers.

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Episode 39: Transit Security Tips from METRO Police Chief

Description: METRO Police Chief Vera Bumpers shares security tips to make your next ride on transit even more safe.

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Episode 38: Gulfton Circulator

Description: A new METRO route is expanding access and opportunity in one of the Houston’s busiest and most diverse neighborhoods. In this episode, learn how a collaboration between stakeholders and METRO paved the way for the Gulfton Circulator.

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Episode 37: It's Electric!

Description: METRO is rolling towards a more sustainable future as it develops a climate action plan. Zero-emissions vehicles are part of those plans starting with the addition of battery electric buses to METRO's fleet.

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Episode 36: METRO Keeps Riders Connected

Description: METRO customers will soon have a new amenity to enjoy while riding, free Wi-Fi. The METRO Wi-Fi Network is being deployed across the transit network in buses, paratransit vans and trains. In this episode, we learn about the program and how this feature will help customers do more while enjoying their rides.

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Episode 35: We're Hiring

Description: As more people return to their traditional commutes, METRO is looking for hundreds of bus operators and support staff to help get them there.

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Episode 34: Bike & Ride with METRO and Houston BCycle

Description: In this edition of the Next Stop, we check in with Houston BCycle. We discuss how the growing bike share non-profit is helping more transit riders to reach their destinations and gain a new perspective of the city from two wheels. We also discuss how to make our streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians, transit riders and drivers. As well as, upcoming cycling events.

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Episode 33: A Better Walk, A Better Stop, A Better Ride

Description: Work is underway on METRO's BOOST Network. The METRONext Moving Forward Plan includes enhancements to 17 high-ridership bus routes so you can enjoy a better walk, a better stop and a better ride.

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Episode 32: A Transit Trailblazer's Story- Shirley DeLibero

Description: Considered the Queen Transit, Shirley DeLibero shattered barriers and built vital transit connections across the country during her history making career. In this edition of the Next Stop, DeLibero shares the powerful story of her professional journey and how her determination built a brighter future for the communities she served.

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Episode 31: METRO's Two Wheel Transit Connections

Description: Transit isn't only about buses and trains. METRO has found a two wheel solution to help connect riders to transit. In this episode, we learn how METRO's bike lane projects are creating vital connections to service and what armadillos have to do with it all.

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Episode 30: What's Driving the Big Growth in Microtransit

Description: The world of microtransit service is expanding. Transit agencies across the country are announcing more customized, curb to curb type services. This episode explores the growth of microtransit service at METRO. It examines how technology and this form of transit's ability to fill service gaps is driving the expansion.

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Episode 29: A Veteran's Perspective - Losing Sight, Gaining Vision

Description: A local US Army veteran shares his story of how losing his sight has led him to gain vision. He has found a broad community of support including transportation from Houston METRO. It's a powerful transit connection that he says provides him and other veterans freedom.

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Episode 28: Rider Stories, Essential Trips for Essential Workers

Description: METRO connects customers to essential destinations. In this episode, we hear directly from some of those customers as they explain how the service impacts their lives.

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Episode 27: A Life Saving Strategy with Vision Zero Houston

Description: Vision Zero Houston is on a mission to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Houston roads by 2030. With a draft plan taking shape, help from the entire community is needed to reach that goal.

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Episode 26: Introducing METRORapid

Description: The greater Houston region is introduced to bus rapid transit technology with the launch of the METRORapid Silver Line. We get the details on this new route, learn what makes it different from METRO’s other services and discuss why this is just the beginning for this transit option in the region.

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Episode 25: Revisiting Some of the Best Stops

Description: We revisit some of the most interesting stops made during the podcast's previous 24 episodes.

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Episode 24: Transit Equity

Description: A conversation with researcher and author Kyle Shelton examining the historical context of transit infrastructure investments and the role expansion of equitable access to public transportation can play in the conversation about improving civil rights overall. Shelton is the author of Power Moves: Transportation, Politics and Development in Houston and deputy director at Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

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