METRO Small Business Outreach & Training Events

METRO provides outreach and technical assistance for the small business community. The outreach program is designed to assist small businesses in meeting one-on-one with METRO decision-makers, as well as the product/service provider. By attending small business networking forums, small businesses are able to obtain information about how to do business with METRO and how to access decision-makers regarding projects.

The outreach efforts include attending and co-sponsoring focused events to target and reach other potential small and disadvantaged businesses to participate on agency projects.


Small Business & Procurement Help Center

By Appointments Only, Monday through Friday — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please email your request for an appointment to

We will do our best to respond to your request within 48 hours.

Available Services:

• Vendor Registration Assistance
• Online Certification Assistance
• B2GNow Training
One-on-One Small Business Assessments
Business Development
• METRO’s Procurement website Demonstration
• Debriefings (Bids or Post Awards)
• One-on-One meetings with Department Representative, as Applicable

METRO Wants To Do Business With You!

METRO Small Business University (SBU)

METRO’s Office of Small Business Development offers free management and technical assistance through the METRO Small Business Opportunities University (SBU). SBU courses are designed to enhance the potential for businesses certified with METRO’s Small Business Program to win contracts with METRO. SBU courses are targeted toward specific opportunities at METRO.

SBU Goals and Objectives:

  • To assist small/disadvantaged businesses with navigating through METRO’s contracting and procurement process.
  • To prepare small/disadvantaged businesses for face-to-face interviews with METRO buyers, contract administrators and project managers.
  • To facilitate the communication process between small / disadvantaged businesses and other METRO representatives.

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2020 Calendar

This workshop is designed to inform certified and non-certified businesses on how to do business with METRO. The process for METRO SBE certification and vendor registration are also covered. METRO’s Procurement staff will be on hand to discuss, how METRO procures its goods and services and the process used to award contracts. There will also be an emphasis on METRO’s $50,000 PO’s and how they are procured.

Certification! Procurement Team! Opportunities!
5330 Griggs (Palm Center)
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You will hear from an expert who has been in the Banking Business for over 30 years.  You will have a Hands-on exercise, using the Bid Price Triangulation module to aid you with your calculation when bidding. 

Bidding Tips!
1900 Main Street
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This is an EXPO type event, with METRO Buyers, Contract Administrators, and Project Managers. This forum allows the business community, primes & subcontractors to come and meet our team face-to-face.

In Recognition of Procurement Month
1900 Main Street
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Every Thursday in April

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This class is for METRO certified small businesses only, in the areas of construction and general industries. The firms are pre-selected on a first come, first serve basis (unless we have an active Multi-Trade Contract). We accept a maximum of 20 certified firms.

Pre-selected Firms only
1900 Main Street

METRO’s IT Directors and Managers will speak with you regarding departmental structure and operations, departmental needs and IT anticipated opportunities. In addition, eight (8) METRO certified IT firms will have the opportunity to set up a free booth, in order to showcase their services and pitch their business to our IT Directors and Managers.

1900 Main Street
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This workshop focuses on a disciplined approach to qualifying business opportunities and developing a win strategy to improve your probability of winning a strategic opportunity.

In Recognition of National Small Business Week
1900 Main Street
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You will hear from METRO Procurement and Small Business Directors and staff, on how to procurement METRO's Goods and Services, Contracting Opportunities, Cooperatives, Small Purchases $50,000 under, Certifications, Small Business Program Changes, Vendor Registration and walk through procurement website. (Note: An email for the this event will be sent out.)

Join us in this webinar/teleconference, we will discuss:

  • How to Procure METRO's Goods and Services!
  • Contracting Opportunities
  • Cooperatives
  • Small Purchases $50k and under
  • Certifications
  • New Small Business Program Changes
  • Vendor Registration
  • Walk through Procurement website

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Come hear from METRO’s Human Resources Team in the areas of Staffing, Benefits, Insurance, Wellness, Training & Organizational Development and Equal Employment Opportunity & Employee Relations.  In addition, eight (8) METRO certified firms, in the HR industry, will have the opportunity to set up a free booth to display their services.  There will also be an opportunity for eight METRO certified trainers to give a three (3) minute presentation on their specific offerings. 

1900 Main Street
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Dissecting Small Business & Procurement Solicitation

This class will discuss METRO’s SBE/DBE Program compliance regulations and requirements. Such topics as: Prompt Payment, Invoicing, Contractor Utilization Plan (CUP) and other critical small business-related forms. You will also learn how to access our SB/DBE Contract Compliance System (B2GNow) as a Prime or a Subcontractor.

1900 Main Street
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You will learn from one of METRO’s expert’s: Why Construction Estimating is Important, How to Estimate Construction and you will learn tips on how to Price a METRO Construction Job. Come ready to work.  There will also be a couple of hands-on exercise.  

1900 Main Street
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The purpose of this class, is to review the critical components of METRO’s Solicitation documents.

1900 Main Street
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Bonding & Insurance Experts will share the importance of bonding and the type of Bonds: Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds. You will also hear from METRO’s Risk Management office, regarding METRO’s Insurance requirement on our contracts.

1900 Main Street
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Interagency Mentor Protégé Program (IMPP)

The Houston Independent School District, City of Houston, Port of Houston Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) have teamed up together to create the Interagency Mentor Protégé Program (IMPP). IMPP exists to strengthen effective working relationships and foster long term stability between established companies and local agencies with emerging historically underutilized businesses. The goals of IMPP are to enhance the business skills and broaden the base of historically underutilized businesses by providing the knowledge and experience of established firms.

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