Rail Safety

METRORail moves along the street just like other vehicles. The tracks are separated from the roadway by large raised white domes warning drivers to stay off the tracks.

METRORail is very quiet. In fact, the trains are quieter than buses and most cars. So, whether you are riding METRORail, or just walking or driving near the trains and tracks, it is important to stay alert and follow the safety rules of METRORail.

Operation Life Saver logo METRO Safety is partnered with Operation Life Saver (OLI). OLI is the leading national public safety education & awareness organization dedicated to reducing rail collisions, fatalities and injuries. Learn more about OLI >>

METRO operates and maintains a safe, efficient, and effective public transportation system. For the safety, convenience, and a better experience for everyone, METRO established the following Code of Conduct.


METRO’s Commitment to Safety

Staying Safe on Rail Platforms

Stay Alive

Helpful Rail Safety Video

School Safety Program

Know the Signs and Signals

The first rule of rail is to understand and obey all signs and signals. Recognizing what each sign and symbol means can help you avoid an accident. Remember, when you play it safe, you can’t lose.


Approaching train sign

Train Approaching
Train is approaching when displayed.


Divided Highway Sign

Divided Highway
Tracks in the median at the next intersection.


Do Not Drive On Tracks Sign

Do Not Drive On Tracks
Driving on tracks is prohibited.


Advance Railroad Crossing Sign

Advance Railroad Crossing Sign
Watch for trains.


No Left Turn Across Tracks Sign

No Left Turn Across Tracks
Left turns are prohibited when displayed.


Gated Crossing Sign

Gated Crossing
Stop when lights are flashing.


No Right Turn Across Tracks Sign

No Right Turn Across Tracks
Right turns are prohibited when displayed.


Cross Only at Cross Walks Sign

Cross Only At Cross Walks


Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Pedestrian Crossing
Read and sign for information on what the symbols mean.


Kids! See Tracks, Think Train

METRO is encouraging all students K through 12 to play it safe around the rail lines. When you see TRACKS, think TRAIN. And always stay alert by avoiding distractions from headphones and cell phones. Just follow the rules of the rail and you’ll be a real “Rail Role Model.”

Open Your Brian booklet

Safety line booklet