METRO Photography & Film Guidelines

We welcome photographers and artists to photograph our system. In return, please use common sense and courtesy when creating your pictures.


The safety of our customers and employees is paramount throughout the entire METRO system. Photography cannot be permitted if it interferes in any manner with the safe movement of people or operation of vehicles.

For example, camera lights or flashes should never be aimed in the direction of an oncoming vehicle or used within a moving vehicle. Tripods and other equipment must not be placed in any location that interferes with the safe movement of people or vehicles.

Photography is prohibited in any areas of the METRO system not accessible to the general public.

The law permits photography of private citizens in public places but, as a courtesy, we ask that photographers request permission of people before snapping their pictures.


Security procedures have been tightened at all METRO facilities due to worldwide terrorist attacks against public transit facilities. Photographing and sketching public transit facilities could be pre-indicators of terrorist activities.

METRO police and other law enforcement may question photographers or artists, based on suspicious activity. Usually these activities are legitimate; however, if you conduct activities in unauthorized areas of METRO property, you may be detained for further investigation.

Commercial and Media Photography

Email requests for commercial photography to the METRO Press Office at Have more questions or need more info? Call 713-739-4040.

Media photography requests must be coordinated through the METRO Press Office by calling 713-739-4040.

Advertising on METRO

METRO does not allow advertising of any kind on its vehicles, shelters, bus stops or property.