METRO Police officers

METRO Police Department’s law enforcement officers are licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). The department is proud of its tradition of excellence in policing and maintains some of the most qualified, well-trained police personnel in the region.

The Field Operations Division is a key component of the agency and is responsible for responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls for services from the public. In addition, this division handles special assignments, self-initiated activities and addresses community concerns. METRO police officers conduct a wide range of law enforcement operations that improve the safety and security of METRO’s customers, properties, employees and transit system throughout the 1,285 square-mile METRO service area. Patrol officers are also responsible for partnering with the community to protect life and property and to maintain peace, order and safety. The Field Operations division is divided into shifts in order to provide 24-hour police services with each shift supervised by a shift sergeant. These operations include:


METRO Police Officer with K9

Canine Program

The METRO Police Department Canine Program assists with explosive detection throughout the Houston region. The Canine Program was established in 1998 with a single narcotics canine. In the first few weeks, Boris (retired canine) seized 800 pounds of marijuana. Currently, Alex, Amy, Hank, Jesy, Lobo, Reno, River and Soptik are explosive detection canines; several are cross-trained in patrol and tracking to assist with apprehending fleeing suspects. The METRO Police Department makes the teams' services available to many agencies across the Houston region.

METRO Police Explosive Canines have assisted in searching events such as the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo, the NFL Super Bowl, and the NBA All-Star Game. In the past years, METRO K-9 teams have won several competitions at the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association's Regional Seminar for explosives detection and for patrol. Congrats to all these fine canines and their handlers!

For more information on the METRO Police Department’s canine unit please contact Lieutenant Timothy McClelland at 713-615-6412.


METRO Police officer on motorcycle

Motorcycle Unit

METRO Police Department’s Motorcycle Unit (Solo) consists of 12 full time officers and two sergeants. They are assigned to traffic control, accidents, and enforcement along the METRORail corridor and on the Houston area High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOVL). With almost a hundred miles of highways and corridors to cover, these officers are kept very busy responding to incidents and collisions, as well as setting up checkpoints for HOVL occupancy enforcement.

Considered a specialty unit, METRO PD’s Motorcycle Officers undergo intensive training in order to handle their Honda Goldwing Police edition motorcycles on Houston’s freeways. They are very proud of their unit and their accomplishments.

For more information on METRO PD’s Solo Motorcycle Unit or on HOVL operations and enforcement, please contact Lieutenant Bob Parker at 713-615-6426.


METRO Police offcier riding Sagway on rail platform

Field Operations

The Field Operations division provides proactive and reactive protection of METRO's patrons, employees, and property within the 1,285 square-mile METRO service area. Patrol officers are responsible for conducting preliminary investigations, responding to emergencies, uniformed and plain clothes police patrols, criminal intelligence, enforcing all State laws, and investigating accidents.

METRO police officers are entrusted to enforce federal and state laws as well as municipal ordinances within the department’s jurisdictional boundaries (Harris County and portions of Fort Bend, Montgomery and Waller Counties). Although METRO police officers are empowered to enforce all applicable laws within their jurisdictional confines, listed below are several laws specific to public transit that are routinely enforced by METRO police officers:

  • HOV occupancy violations;
  • Smoking in a covered or enclosed public ground transportation facility;
  • Eating or drinking on a METRO bus;
  • Depositing trash on a METRO bus;
  • The theft or vandalism of METRO property;
  • Playing any loud audio device while on a METRO bus or light rail vehicle;
  • Fare evasion on the METRORail system or on METRO buses;
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in METRO’s bus shelters;
  • HOT lane enforcement (to be enacted in near future); and
  • Smoking in a METRO bus or METRORail train.