METROLift moving forward program

As the Houston region’s population grows, METRO wants to provide smart service by matching the right resources to transit needs. METROLift is a transit service for customers who cannot use the local bus routes or rail due to a disability.

METROLift Moving Forward in an on-going initiative to review policies and practices associated with nine areas of interest: eligibility, curb to curb service, no-shows/late cancels, service area, fares, same-day changes, on-time performance, travel training/feeder service and fixed route accessibility.

This page has METROLift Moving Forward updates and previous outreach information.

More Opportunities

METRO is excited about the opportunity to meet with METROLift riders to discuss upcoming policy changes and efforts to offer more transportation options and greater accessibility.

METROLift Same-day Trip Change Policy

Allowing METROLift riders to make same-day trip changes demonstrates METRO’s commitment to providing excellent customer service to riders. However, same-day trip changes can also negatively impact the overall service.

METROLift riders will be limited to five (5) same-day trip changes in a calendar month. Situations beyond the rider’s control will not be counted as part of the five (5) same-day trip change limitation.

For example, if a person is delayed because their doctor is running late and the person needs to put their trip on hold, this same-day trip change will not count toward their five (5) allowed same-day trip changes.

METROLift Feeder Service Program

Operator Overview and Responsibilities

METROLift riderMETROLift riders are encouraged to use our FEEDER SERVICE. Just take METROLIFT from your home to a nearby Transit Center, Park & Ride or METRORail station and ride any of our buses and trains for FREE. Your return ride home from the Transit Center, Park & Ride or METRORail is also FREE! Enjoy riding our 100 percent ADA-accessible bus or light-rail vehicles to and from almost anywhere across the Houston region. Your transportation on the bus and rail is also FREE with your METROLift Freedom Q® Card.

Feeder Service Facts

  • Operates daily 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Dedicated information and reservation line 713-615-6241
  • Same-day scheduling and service available
  • Open to riders in the METROLift Extended Service Area
  • No-strand policy for feeder service customers
  • Travel Trainers teach you how to ride METRO’s bus and light-rail system for FREE - call 713-750-4234
  • Feeder Service riders WILL NOT lose their METROLift eligibility by using this service

METROLift Staff (Feeder Agents Only)

  • Must be available during segment hours (6 a.m. - 9 p.m.)
  • Probe customer for destination (i.e., have they been there before?)
  • Locate the fixed route bus/rail that customer would connect to using METRO's Trip Planner
  • Locate and book trips to/from nearest transit center, rail station,or park & ride to the customer’s origin (within 5-7 miles)


  • Contact a Feeder Agent at 713-615-6241
  • Provide destination information and times
  • Take notes of trip information

METROLift Drivers

  • Pick up customer from origin with destination to the nearest transit center, rail station, or park & ride to the customer’s destination – within 5-7 miles
  • Remember the trip is free with METROLift Freedom Q Fare Card and proper identification

Fixed-Route Operators

  • Customers may utilize Transit Centers, Park & Rides, and rail stations for a portion of their trip
  • Operators should be on high alert for these riders and offer any extra assistance they may require
  • Make sure all equipment is working properly before you leave the yard (lifts, securements, and annunciator systems)
  • Communicate with your customers who are using either wheelchairs or scooters; ask what is the best way to secure them
  • Ensure that all customers are tied down properly
  • Create a friendly, welcoming environment for customers with disabilities
  • Avoid making riders with disabilities feel as though they are an inconvenience
  • Proactively kneel your bus and lower your ramp

Operators requiring additional information are encouraged to speak with their supervisor for details.

Pedestrian Accessible Review (PAR) Program

The PAR Program is administered by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD). Sidewalks and curb cuts / ramps are provided to improve sidewalk accessibility for people with disabilities. A citizen with a disability is considered eligible to participate in the PAR Program when there is no safe accessible path of travel to:

  • Grocery Store/Pharmacy
  • Financial Institution
  • Place of Employment
  • Medical Facility
  • Bus Stop/METROLift
  • Educational Facility
  • Place of Worship
  • Any facility/structure deemed necessary to provide quality of life For more information, please call METRO Travel Training at 713-750-4234.