METROLift bus picking up passenger in downtown Houston

Fare Policy

METROLift drivers do not accept cash fare payments, only tickets or passes. Before boarding the METROLift vehicle, show the driver a photo ID or METROLift ID Q® Card. A METROLift ticket or a METROLift pass is required for each one-way trip.

NOTE: You must have METROLift fare tickets or a monthly/annual pass to ride. Cash is not accepted. Riders without the proper fare will not be transported.

Purchasing METROLift tickets, ticket books, monthly or annual passes is simple and convenient. METROLift fare items are currently available at 200 area vendors, including check-cashing locations and grocery store courtesy booths. For more information about fare vendors and how to find the one nearest you, call 713-635-4000. No ID or proof of disability is required in order to purchase tickets or passes.

METROLift fare tickets and passes also may be purchased at:

METRO RideStore
1900 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77208-1429
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

By Mail
P. O. Box 61429
Houston, TX 77208-1429

METROLift riders can purchase their METROLift tickets and / or passes at the METRO Online Store. Your purchase will be shipped promptly through the U.S. Postal Service.


List of METROLift Fare Items

METROLift One Way Trip TicketBase Fare – Single Trip ..................$1.25
Premium Fare – Single Trip.............$2.50
Ticket Book – 11 Single Tickets......$12.50
Monthly Pass..................................$47.25
Annual Pass....................................$418.50
Freedom Q® Card..........................FREE

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METROLift Base Fare - $1.25
Offers one-way service anywhere within the METROLift Base Service Area.

METROLift Premium Fare - $2.50 (Two $1.25 tickets)
Offers service within METROLift Extended Service Area. Call METROLift customer service office at 713-225-0119 for extended service area details.

METROLift 10 Trip Tickets (plus one free) - $12.50
Offers a book of 10 tickets, plus free bonus ticket for total of 11.

METROLift Base Service Area Monthly Pass - $47.25
Offers unlimited travel anywhere within the METROLift Base Service Area for an entire calendar month. This pass cannot be used in the METROLift expanded service area.

METROLift Base Service Area Annual Pass - $418.50
This pass offers riders unlimited travel anywhere within the METROLift Base Service Area for an entire year from date of purchase. This pass cannot be used in the METROLift expanded service area.

METROLift Freedom Q® Card - FREE
A METROLift Freedom Q® Card allows METROLift customers to ride free on METRO’s local bus, Park & Ride, and METRORail services. Customers are permitted to have one attendant ride along at no cost. All METROLift customers are eligible for a METROLift Freedom Q® Card. You can pick up your METROLift Freedom Q® Card at METRO’s RideStore located at 1900 Main Street, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

To take advantage of this valuable service, as you board the bus show the bus operator your valid picture METROLift Freedom Q® Card, then tap the card on the Q Card reader. You will hear a beep when the fare has been accepted and a green light will display on the Q Card reader.

The METROLift Freedom Q® Card cannot be used for reduced fare trips on the METROLift Subsidy Program (MSP) or on the METROLift service. If you need information about how to ride METRO using the lift- or ramp-equipped buses, visit the METRO RideStore or call METRO information at 713-635-4000 (TDD 713-635-6993). Brochures, public guides and instructional materials are available for all METRO services. Remember that METROLift is a pre-scheduled service. METRO’s fixed-route bus system can accommodate your needs without any advance scheduling, giving you the freedom to travel where and when you want to as the need arises.

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METROLift provides a complimentary one-way trip for ADA paratransit eligible customers going to jury duty on the original date of their summons. Prospective jurors who are not selected for jury duty may ask the court for a METRO jury pass for their trip home. The pass will be date stamped (valid through the same day) and should be presented to the METROLift driver upon boarding. If selected for jury duty, ask the court for a jury pass. This pass should be stamped with a “valid through” date. Be aware that both passes look the same, but the date stamped on them is what deems the pass valid.