METRORail Green Line Schedules & Maps

The Green Line, which runs through the East End, opened on May 23, 2015. Nine stations – from Theater District Station in the north to Magnolia Park Transit Center in the south – give commuters more options, connecting the historic East End to downtown. Traveling west on the newly completed Harrisburg bridge - with historic panels, etchings and LED lighting - gives riders a stunning view of Houston’s downtown skyline.

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METRORail Green Line Map


METRORail Green Line Travel Time End-to-End is 21 Minutes

Average Travel Time Theater District to:
Location Platform Direction Address Travel Time
(In Minutes)
Theater District Eastbound
550 Rusk St.
650 Capitol St.
Central Station Eastbound
1150 Rusk St.
1150 Capitol St.
Convention District Eastbound
1715 Rusk St.
1615 Capitol St.
EaDo / Stadium Eastbound and Westbound 2020 1/2 Texas Ave. 10
Coffee Plant / Second Ward Eastbound and Westbound 3500 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd. 12
Lockwood / Eastwood Eastbound
4535 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd.
4601 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd.
Altic / Howard Hughes Eastbound and Westbound 5500 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd. 17
Cesar Chavez / 67th St. Eastbound and Westbound 6700 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd. 19
Magnolia Park Transit Center Eastbound and Westbound 7000 1/2 Harrisburg Blvd. 21

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