Executive Leadership Team

Andrew Skabowski

Andrew Skabowski

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

“My role at METRO is both simple and very difficult. I manage people because people are what transit is all about. Transit is about engaging people to move people. Remember, ‘7 billion people in the world are using public transportation - there are only about 1 billion car drivers.’ METRO moves the Houston region and it’s my duty to work with my team to provide that service safely and reliably.”
— Andrew Skabowski


Andrew Skabowski is METRO’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. He began his METRO career in 2005 as director of bus maintenance and held a number of other positions before moving into his current role in October 2020.

Skabowski directs all activities associated with the daily operations of METRO’s public transit service, focusing on safety and fleet reliability while maintaining and ensuring staff is properly trained on, and knowledgeable of, all appropriate procedures and guidelines.

Skabowski has been recognized for his ability to lead public and private transport organizations through turnaround and growth strategies.

Past Positions

  • METRO, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Maintenance Officer
  • Sr. Vice President Service Delivery
  • Acting Sr. Vice President Operations
  • Associate Vice President Operations
  • Sr. Director Bus Maintenance
  • Director Bus Maintenance
  • Regional Director of Maintenance, Special Projects, South Central Region, Coach USA
  • Director of Maintenance Programs, National Office, Coach USA
  • Director of Maintenance, Central Division, New Jersey Transit
  • Manager of Fleet and Support Equipment, Surface Operations, New Jersey Transit
  • Superintendent of Maintenance, Frankfurt District, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
  • Fleet Maintenance Manager, Surface Operations (SEPTA)

Honors and Awards

  • PTI Technical Innovation Award (1991)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers technical papers
    • Particulate Trap Technologies at New York City Transit Authority
    • Field Evaluation of a Diesel Particulate Trap System for a 6V-92TA Transit Bus Engine

Education and Certifications

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, New York Institute of Technologies