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METRO Police. Working to promote a safer community.

The METRO Police Department recognizes the importance of volunteers and the valuable contributions they provide to the community. And when residents and local business owners work together, the result is a highly effective first line of defense against unlawful activity. It’s a fact: your efforts will go a long way toward enhancing the safety and security of your Transit Centers, Park & Ride lots and  the overall community.

Ways to keep your community safe.
Crime proofing your neighborhood greatly reduces the likelihood of you or a loved one becoming a crime statistic. Here are some simple ways to make your neighborhood less inviting to crime:

  • Stolen vehicles are often abandoned in residential neighborhoods. Report abandoned vehicles to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department at 713-221-6000.
  • Report graffiti immediately. If left in place, graffiti will quickly spread and multiply. Report any graffiti you see to the Houston Graffiti Hotline at 713-437-6833.
  • Work with your neighbors and local businesses to get involved with the Sheriff’s department, government agencies and with local elected officials to get any dangerous conditions in your neighborhood corrected.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Together, you can form a very strong crime fighting information network that can help identify problems before they get started.
  • Make sure your home and the street you live on are well-lighted. Ensure that your children have constructive ways to spend their time after school and during the summer months.
  • Use common sense. Many burglaries and auto thefts are committed by criminals accessing unlocked doors. Always lock your house when you are away as well as your vehicle. Also, leave the exterior lights of your home   on at night.

Remember: If you see something, say something.

If you see anything suspicious or witness an unlawful activity at a METRO Transit Center or Park & Ride lot, please inform your bus or train Operator immediately or call METRO Police at 713-224-COPS (2677).

Safety Starts with You.
In today’s world, protecting one’s personal safety has never been more important. No matter who you are or what you do, vigilance is the key to staying safe. It doesn't matter if you’re traveling the world or just biking around the block, knowing what to look for and how to handle the situation could help eliminate a potential threat, before it occurs.

Be alert to your surroundings.
In the event you encounter a suspicious package or individual, the recommended course of action is to contact the nearest METRO Police Officer or transit employee immediately. When reporting a package always leave the area first, before attempting to make any calls.

Remember, it is important to report all suspicious or unlawful activity at your neighborhood bus stop, bus shelter, Transit Center or Park & Ride to the METRO Police Department at (713) 224-2677 (COPS).

Get involved with your community.
With nearly 10,000 bus stops in the Houston area, of which 2,008 have bus passenger shelters, it is difficult to keep all of our stops clean. However, you can make a difference by giving back to the community through the Adopt-a-Stop and Adopt-a-Shelter programs.

Under these programs, METRO will provide trash receptacles and trash bags at a particular bus stop or shelter at the request of the individual sponsor or organization. METRO will then schedule to pick up the trash at your neighborhood bus stop or shelter twice a week as well as power-wash the shelters once a month. In return, participants of the Adopt-a-Stop or Adopt-a-Shelter program volunteer to pick up extra trash and litter between METRO’s regularly scheduled trash collections. Adopters also have the option to make general improvements to the grounds around the stop or shelter.

Once you have adopted a bus stop or shelter, you become the eyes and ears for your neighborhood. If you encounter any suspicious individuals or activity near your bus stop or shelter, never take the law into your own hands. Call METRO Police at the first sign of trouble at 713-224-2677 (COPS).

Help secure your neighborhood today by calling 713-658-0180 to Adopt-a-Stop or Adopt-a-Shelter.

Be informed with what’s happening in your neighborhood. METRO Police patrol area streets and roadways, including METRO's HOV network, bus stops and shelters, Park & Ride lots and Transit Centers. Uniformed and plain-clothed officers ride our buses and rail cars to monitor and prevent potential criminal activity throughout the transit system. But we cannot do it alone. METRO Police works with various communities within our service area to promote safety awareness through school presentations and community activities. Together we can work to protect our community and keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

A great way to keep up with community news and happenings is to communicate regularly with your school systems, churches, civic clubs and most importantly – your neighbors. When you see or hear of something suspicious in your neighborhood, spread the word throughout the community. A strong network helps keep everyone prepared, and reduces the likelihood of criminal activity affecting you or your neighbor.

Be prepared with emergency contact information and phone numbers.

No one can predict when a disaster will strike. Do your part by being prepared for an emergency before it arrives. Create an advanced plan for maintaining contact with friends and family members. Keep a written record of all contact and emergency information, update it regularly and keep it with you.

If a disaster hits your home, select a predetermined location outside your home where your family can meet in case of an evacuation. If forced to evacuate the area, identify alternate routes and means of reaching your meeting point in the event your main route is blocked. It helps to have a local map handy for quick reference.

Numbers to Remember


METRO Police Dispatch

Cell phone (Non-Emergency)
#MPD (#673)

Crime Stoppers

Mayor's Anti-Gang Office (Houston)

Graffiti Reporting Hotline (Houston)

Harris County Sheriff’s Department

Harris County Constable, Precinct

Houston Police (Non-Emergency)

Crisis Hotline

METRO Motorist Assistance Program


Houston Service HelpLine