Adopt-a-Stop / Adopt-a-Shelter

Bus Shelter

What is the Adopt-a-Stop and Adopt-a-Shelter program?

The Adopt-a-Stop and Adopt-a-Shelter program is a joint effort between the METRO Public Affairs department and community volunteers designed to help fight vandalism and suspicious or criminal activity within your community. Individuals, civic groups and local businesses are encouraged to do their part by “adopting” a bus stop or passenger shelter within their community. By keeping neighborhood bus stops and passenger shelters clean, the chance for criminal activity in your area is greatly reduced.

METRO bus shelters provide passengers with a safe, pleasant and comfortable place to rest while waiting for the bus. METRO has about 9,000 bus stops scattered across the Houston region, and that makes keeping each location clean a difficult task. Unfortunately, vandalism is a growing problem. When vandals “tag” a METRO bus stop or passenger shelter with graffiti, it becomes an eyesore for the community and a potential site for criminal activity.

How does the program work?

Participants in the Adopt-a-Stop or Adopt-a-Shelter program volunteer to pick up litter in the area between METRO’s designated trash collection days, and have the option to make general improvements to the grounds around the stop or shelter. Trash bags will be provided at a bus stop or shelter at the request of the individual sponsor or organization.

As a volunteer in the Adopt-a-Stop and Adopt-a-Shelter programs, you or your organization will receive:

  • Six (6) FREE round-trip passes per month.
  • An Adopt-a-Stop sign recognizing your neighborhood or organization affixed to the pole with the bus route sign (if you choose).
  • An official “Adoption Certificate” signed by METRO’s President & CEO.
  • An opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of your community.
Bus Shelter

How can I adopt a bus stop or shelter?

If you are interested in participating in the Adopt-a-Stop or Adopt-a-Shelter program, please call us at 713-739-6095 or email us at A Public Affairs representative will explain the program in detail and the responsibilities you will share to help make the program a success in your area. Together, we can help keep our community clean and reduce the chance of criminal activity before it begins.

Numbers to Remember

List of Useful Phone Numbers
Office/Departments Phone Number
Adopt-a-Stop / Adopt-a-Shelter 713-739-6095
METRO Police Dispatch 713-224-COPS (2677)
Non-emergency cell phones users only #MPD (#673)
Crime Stoppers 713-222-8477
Mayor's Anti-Gang Office (Houston) 832-393-0931
Graffiti Reporting Hotline (Houston) 713-884-3131
Harris County Sheriff's Office (Non-Emergency) 713-221-6000
Houston Police Department (Non-Emergency) 713-884-3131
Crisis Hotline 713-468-5463
METRO Customer Care Center 713-635-4000
Motorist Assistance Program (M.A.P.) 713-225-5627 (713-CALLMAP)
Houston Service HelpLine 311