344 Acres Homes Community Connector

Acres Homes Community Connector vehicles

About the Service

What is it?

It’s a service that provides personalized, curb to curb transportation in a defined zone within the Acres Homes neighborhood in Northwest Houston, north of Interstate 610 and west of Interstate 45. We pick you up, and then drop you off at your intended destination. Community Connector vehicles connect you with METRO’s larger transportation network at anchor points within the zone. For instance, your “first mile” of traveling may be on a Community Connector between your residence and the Acres Homes Transit Center, where you transfer to another METRO service. Your “last mile” of traveling may be on a Community Connector between the Acres Homes Transit Center and your residence.

Which vehicle shown above will transport me?

You may be transported by either vehicle.

One is a low-floor, wheelchair-accessible bus.

The other is a wheelchair-accessible minivan.

Where is the zone?

The zone covers the Acres Homes area, primarily just west of Interstate 45 between West Road (on the north) and West Tidwell Road (on the south), as shown in the map below:

Community Connector Map

When does the Acres Homes Community Connector operate?

Daily, 5 a.m.-7 p.m.

When would it make sense to use this service?

Here are 3 examples:

1. You need to get to the court house in downtown Houston for jury duty, and need a ride to the Acres Homes Transit Center so you can catch the 30 Clinton/Ella to Downtown.

2. You reside at the Mayfair Park Apartments on North Shepherd and your doctor calls to let you know your prescription is ready at the Walmart at 4412 N. Freeway, but your family member is unable to take you.

3. You reside at the Lincoln Park Apartments on West Little York Road, and your dialysis center a few blocks away wants you to come in earlier for treatment, but you don’t have a way to get there.

Fare information

How much does it cost?

Regular fare: $1.25 per ride

Students and seniors (65-69):  $0.60 per ride

Seniors (70+) and METROLift customers: Free, with valid ID.

How do I pay to get on board?

The only form of payments accepted are a METRO Q® Fare Card or METRO Day Pass.

Where can I purchase or reload a fare card?

You can purchase or reload a METRO Q® Fare Card or METRO Day Pass at:

  • METRO RideStore (1900 Main St. Houston, Texas 77002) – Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Select vending machines located at METRO rail platforms, Park & Rides, and transit centers
  • Participating retail locations

You can also purchase or reload fare cards through the online METRO RideStore – however, it may take several days for you to receive them, as all fare cards purchased through the online store are physically mailed.

Additional options for reloading a fare card:

  • Use our reload machine located next to the rear exit doors on all local buses
  • Reload your card online at RideMETRO.org/reload

What retail locations in the area sell METRO fare cards?

FOOD TOWN #011 – 5367 Antoine Drive – Houston, Texas 77026
FOOD TOWN #216 – 6470 West Little York Road – Houston, Texas 77091
FOOD TOWN #015 – 2770 North Sam Houston Parkway West – Houston, Texas 77038
– 7320 Antoine Drive – Houston, Texas 77088
– 1258 West 43rd St. – Houston, Texas 77018
– 7214 Wheatley St. – Houston, Texas 77088
SENOR CHECK CASHING #07 – 5801 Antoine Drive – Houston, Texas 77091
– 5101 Yale St. – Houston, Texas 77018

Riding the Service

How do I get on board?

There are two (2) anchor points where you can walk right up and board the Acres Homes Community Connector at the top of every hour (daily, 5 a.m.-7 p.m.), to travel to your destination anywhere within the zone:

Walmart Supercenter (10411 North Freeway)
Acres Homes Transit Center (1220 West Little York Road)

What METRO bus routes can I connect to within the zone?

At the North Shepherd Park & Ride, you can connect to the following routes:

27 Shepherd
30 Clinton/Ella
40 Telephone/Heights
59 Aldine Mail
64 Lincoln City
79 West Little York
96 Veterans Memorial
99 Ella-FM 1960
108 Veterans Memorial Express

At the Acres Homes Transit Center, you can connect to the following routes:

30 Clinton/Ella
44 Acres Homes
64 Lincoln City
79 West Little York

In the vicinity of Walmart Supercenter on West Road, you can connect to the following routes:

59 Aldine Mail
99 Ella-FM 1960

What if I want the vehicle to pick me up where I am?

If you can’t get to an anchor point, there are two ways you can book a ride and have the vehicle pick you up at your exact location within the zone:

Reservations are subject to availability.

Does my fare entitle me to free transfers?

After tapping your fare card on the validator upon boarding the Acres Homes Community Connector, you can transfer for free to any local METRO bus route service for the next 3 hours.