Schedules Bus, Rail & HOV / HOT (Express) Lanes

Service Changes

METRO will implement a series of route and schedule modifications in order to minimize overcrowding and improve on-time performance of the system. Learn more about upcoming service changes that affect your route.

Bus Schedules

Here you'll find all the bus schedules for local routes and Park & Ride routes

Red network - Frequent buses are scheduled to arrive every 15 minutes or better, 15 hours a day. There are 22 routes on the red network. 

Blue network - Buses are scheduled to arrive every 16 to 30 minutes, 18 hours hours a day. 

Green network - Bus are scheduled to arrive every 60 minutes in areas of light ridership, 14 hours a day. 

Every local route runs seven days a week. 

You'll need the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to properly view these PDF-formatted schedules.

METRORail Maps & Schedules

Here you’ll find the maps and schedules of the Red Line (North), Green Line (East End) and Purple Line (Southeast).

HOV / HOT (Express) Lanes

METRO has an exciting option to make commuting easier. We’ve enhanced our High-occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes to give people driving solo the option to pay a small toll to use the lanes, with High-occupancy Toll (HOT) Express Lanes.

HOV Lanes are restricted lanes reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers. Each vehicle that travels on an HOV Lane must carry at least two or, in some cases, three people. HOV Lanes allow drivers to travel faster and avoid congestion in regular lanes during peak periods. Motorcycles are permitted to travel on the HOV Lane at any time as per federal guidelines.

METRO converted the HOV Lane system to METRO HOT (Express) Lanes in order to make better use of an underutilized resource. During non-peak hours, single-occupant vehicles can access the HOV / HOT (Express) Lanes for a small toll.

Holiday Schedules

On this page you will see upcoming holidays listed below come back a few weeks prior to the holiday to view how your routes are affected during these holidays for regular METRO services and METROLift services.

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Learn more on bus or train route or schedule information or call 713-635-4000, 713-635-6993 (TDD).

System Map

Check out our interactive system map to obtain details about your bus route. Click on the icon at the top and also find information on rail lines, Transit Centers, Park & Ride, METRO Q® Fare Card. You’ll even get a view of live traffic.