Corporate RideSponsor Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Ride Sponsors

Q: What is a METRO Q® Fare Card?
A: The METRO Q® is our electronic fare card which acts like a “digital wallet.” This unique card contains a microchip that stores your cash balance directly onto your card. Fares are automatically deducted each time you pay to ride, just like a debit card. Customer should maintain possession of the METRO Q® Fare Card or any other fare item upon boarding the bus or train as proof of paid fare. You get free transfers in any direction for up to three hours.

Q: What is the cost of a METRO Q® Fare Card?
A: The METRO Q® Fare card is provided free of charge for Corporate RideSponsors. Lost cards with a remaining value can be transferred to a replacement card, provided that the original card was registered.

Q: Many organizations who participate in the Corporate RideSponsor Program, subsidize their employees’ transportation costs. How can we budget for this based on preloaded amounts?
A: Companies/organizations who become Corporate RideSponsors can subsidize any desired amount to their employees’ fare cards monthly. Although we suggest a starting base of $25, this is merely a recommendation and the determination of the subsidy is at the discretion of the company. METRO trips are based on fare zones. Using the average of 21 working days per month, the round trip costs are as follows:
Local: $52.50
Zone One: $48
Zone Two: $136.50
Zone Three: $157.50
Zone Four: $189

We would be happy to assist with a zip code analysis for your employees to help you determine the fare zones.

Q: How will money be added to the employee cards?
A: Corporate RideSponsors have the ability to manage their employees’ METRO Q® Fare Cards via a web application. They have the option of setting up a monthly automatic reload called a subscription. Or, they can opt to do periodic manual reloads to the fare cards.

Q: How are companies invoiced?
A: Companies will be invoiced for all activity during the first week of every month. Invoices are payable in full within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Q: As a Corporate RideSponsor, can we control what is being loaded onto employees’ cards?
A: Yes. The Corporate RideSponsor can make it a policy that all cards are company property, which means that employees would need to procure a second card strictly for personal use.

Q: Are cards registered by employees or the company?
A: Both options are possible. A Corporate RideSponsor can request that all cards initially be registered to the company, or they can choose to have each employee register their own card and allow them to add money to a second wallet belonging to the employee. This option would allow two wallets on a card; the employer & employee.

Q: What happens if a card is lost or stolen?
A: All registered cards can have the value transferred to a replacement card by METRO at the 1900 Main Street locations.

Q: Are all Corporate RideSponsor-issued cards automatically registered to protect employees’ assets?
A: Yes. Corporate RideSponsor-issued cards are automatically registered to the company, unless the Corporate RideSponsor elects to have the cards registered to their employees.

Q: What is the maximum monetary amount a METRO Q® Fare Card can hold?
A: The maximum amount is $500 for each wallet on the card.