​Open Records Request - List Of Charges

Standard-size Paper Copies 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14" is $0.10/page.
*Non-certified Copy of Peace Officer’s Accident Report is $6.00/each.
*Certified Copy of Peace Officer’s Accident Report is $8.00/each.

Non-standard Size Copies

  • Diskette, CD-RW or CD-R is $1.00/each
  • Diskette or DVD is $3.00/each
  • Zip Drive 16 GB is $11.65/each
  • Zip Drive 8 GB is $7.28/each
  • Oversized Paper 11" x 17", greenbar, bluebar is $0.50/each
  • Other Description _______________ is Actual Cost

Additional charges for paper copies involving (1) Redaction of Confidential information, (2) Not readily available information (in more than one building or remote storage), or (3) readily-available information of more than 50 pages**

  • Personnel charges $15.00/hour
  • Overhead charges 20% of total personnel charges
  • Archive retrieval charges (for 1 box) $20.73/per box
  • Archive retrieval Charges (each additional box) is $1.95/per box
  • Archive re-file Charges (for 1 box) is $20.72/per box
  • Archive re-file Charges (each additional box) is $1.95/per box

Computer Resources

  • Mainframe is $10.00/minute
  • Midsize is $1.50/minute
  • Client/Server is $2.20/hour
  • PC or LAN is $1.00/hour
  • Programming Personnel** is $28.50/hour

Postage/Shipping Charges Actual Cost = ___________

Other Charges Description Actual Cost = ___________


*Section 550.065 of the Transportation Code establishes the charges allowed for copies of accident reports.
** There is no charge to inspect paper records if no copy is required unless the information is older than 5 years old or the information completely fills six or more archival boxes and more than 5 hours is required to make the information available. **Charges for complying with a request that requires programming or manipulation of data will be charged accordingly.