Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety

Bike crossing signs at intersection

Precaution and sensible practices must be applied when walking and cycling around METRO service areas and general traffic – always walk and cycle defensively. Review the tips below and stay safe.

  • Walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway. Cross the street only at a corner or designated crosswalk.
  • Always look both ways and over your shoulder (for turning cars) before crossing the street.
  • At intersections with traffic lights and pedestrian signals, wait until you see the WALK signal and look both ways for traffic before crossing. Never cross the street on a steady DON'T WALK signal.
  • Yield to vehicles if there are no crosswalks, signs or signals.
  • Be cautious walking along driveways. Never enter the roadway from between parked cars or behind shrubs or bushes. Often motorists do not expect or anticipate pedestrians in these areas.
  • Phone Down, Look Around: Wearing headphones, texting or talking on the phone while walking or cycling diminishes your alertness – Stay Alert, Don’t Get Hurt!
  • As a cyclist, you must follow the rules of the road. You are operating a moving vehicle.
  • Avoid going near construction zones whenever possible. Pay close attention to all posted signs. Heavy machinery and debris can cause you harm.

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Bicycle Safety Around METRORail

When riding your bicycle near the rail line, it is important to remember that METRORail trains travel along the street and are very quiet. Stay alert and always follow these safety tips:

  • Never stop on the tracks.
  • Cross the tracks only at designated crossings and only when it is safe to do so.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks. Trains travel in both directions.
  • Pay attention to and obey all traffic signs and signals. Never enter an intersection against the traffic lights. Police will issue tickets to violators.
  • Listen for train whistles, bells and horns.
  • Never ride or walk your bicycle around crossing gate arms.
  • Never race a train or try to beat the train to a crossing.

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Stay Alive