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If you want a hard copy of your schedule to tuck in your pocket or purse, go here and print it out.

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System Map

Get a printable map that shows you a bird's eye view of our entire system.

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New Bus Network Interactive System Map

This tool helps you explore our system. Check out bus routes, rail lines, HOV/HOT lanes, transit centers and bus or rail stops. Click on only the route you want to see and zoom in for exact locations of bus stops.

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Find quick answers to common questions about this makeover of our local routes.

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About New Bus Network

Why did we overhaul our local bus system? How frequent will buses run on the red, blue, green and orange routes? Read the background of how we got here.

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Rider Alerts

Find your route and learn whether minor or significant changes are occurring, including route name/number and frequency of bus. Here's a summary of every route change effective Aug. 16.

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Route Maps

If you want to see a map of your particular route, go here.

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Route Videos

Starting August 16th, nearly every bus route is changing. We have developed a series of videos for select routes to help explain some of the more intricate details surrounding these changes, and how you will get around on METRO's New Bus Network. Watch now!

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Here is what the New Bus Network bus stop signs look like, and what you'll find on the sturdy, plastic infoposts strapped to the bus stop pole. It includes a bus identification number you can text for next-bus arrivals.

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Next Bus Arrival Texting

Find out when your next bus is arriving. Simply text the bus stop number to a short code and get a text back with bus arrivals in real time.

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Find Your Bus Stop Number

To send a text in order to get next-bus arrivals in real time, you'll need to find out your bus stop's unique identification number. 

Here's how you find that bus stop number.

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Radio & Video Gallery

Listen to a radio spot with voice talent by Chairman Gilbert Garcia,  watch new commercials on the New Bus Network or view a mini-talk show by our staff expert.




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