METRO's New Bus Network

METRO’s New Bus Network - Signage


82 info postThe New Bus Network is giving better information by giving you more detailed information at our bus stops.

When the bags are removed just before Aug. 16, you'll recognize the bus stop signs. If the route number or name has changed, a new label placed on the existing sign will give the new information.

But the in-depth information you'll see is printed on a thick, plastic informational poster - an infopost - strapped to the bus stop pole. This infopost gives you information that will help make your trip easier.

For example, in the illustration here, the 82 Westheimer infopost tells you the final destination: To West Oaks Mall. It tells you how frequently the bus arrives at that stop - every eight minutes during peak hours and every 10 minutes during off-peak hours.

It shows a mini-map of the route with the various stops with connecting routes. And it tells you how to find the next-bus arrival information in real time - simply by texting the bus stop identification number to a short code.

In this case, you'd text "623" to the short code of 697433. You'll receive a text giving you real-time bus arrival.

The New Bus Network is a five-year plan to make our local bus system simpler, faster and easier to use. Later this year, we'll start changing the bus stop signs to reflect all the information on the infopost, but it will be a project that will take months to complete.