METRO's New Bus Network

METRO’s New Bus Network FAQs


What is METRO's New Bus Network?

The New Bus Network is a redesign of METRO's local bus service which creates a system of routes that better meets the mobility needs of the Houston region. It is the first comprehensive review of the transit system since the 1970s.


Why is METRO creating its New Bus Network?

The New Bus Network has been created in response to the public request for improvements to the bus system. An in-depth review of our current system also discovered that changes to the system are needed in order for our bus and rail service to function cohesively and in a seamless manner.


How was the New Bus Network developed?

The development of the New Bus Network is based on the first comprehensive review of METRO's bus network since the 1970s. Input from the public and stakeholders, a series of comprehensive workshops and meetings, surveys and other outreach tools regarding the performance and functionality of our current network resulted in the planning and implementation of a simple network that is better aligned with the transit needs of the Houston region.


When will the changes happen?

The New Bus Network service change will be effective Sunday, August 16, 2015.


Will the local bus fares change?

No, there will be no change in the local bus fares.


How will the plan impact current users of the system?

Nearly all riders (94%) will be able to access the service at the same stop they use today. The vast majority of current riders will be on or near frequent service that will allow them to travel to more places than they can reach now. The plan also makes it much easier to transfer to other services in order to get to more places. 99.96% of existing riders will have local bus service within ½ mile.