METRO needs your assistance with trying to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Before scheduling your trip, we have a few important questions to ask you.

  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive within the past 14 days?

If no to both questions, please proceed with scheduling your trip.

If yes to either question, please call 713-225-0410 and ask to speak with a supervisor for help scheduling your transportation.

MACS-WEB and EZ-Wallet training


METRO is pleased to inform you of the improved MACS-WEB (paratransit trip planner) and the all-new EZ-Wallet electronic fare payment system.

What's New?

MACS-WEB / EZ-Wallet offers these new and exciting features:

• Book a trip not from your previous trip list
• Manage recurring trips
• Buy and book trips via electronic fare media on your personal online account
• Get a countdown to real-time trip arrival
• Locate your ride in real-time
• View previous trips / transaction history
• Purchase fare tickets / period passes
• Comment online

Verifying, cancelling, booking and purchasing your fares will never be the same!

MACS-WEB offers multiple options to manage your transit travels:

• See booked trips
• See previous trips
• Track your ride in real time
• Alert message countdown (within 30 minutes of pickup)

You’ll never have to speak with a live agent again!


EZ-Wallet Training Schedule & Instructional Video

Join us for a MACS-WEB / EZ-Wallet training event at the Metropolitan Multiservice Center, 1475 West Gray:

None at this time.

Let our trained staff teach you how to manage recurring trips, purchase fares and passes electronically and more!

Have questions or concerns? Call METROLift Customer Service at 713-225-0119.