How To Ride METRO


planning your trip icon1. Plan your trip.

Use METRO's Trip Planner or download the METRO Trip App on your smart phone. You can also call Customer Service at 713-635-4000 to find out what bus to take to your destination.

fare items icons2. Pay your fare.

Local bus and light-rail fares are just $1.25 each way. We also have discounted fares for students, seniors and veterans.

There are many ways to pay:

  • METRO Q® Fare Card - this reloadable card is used like a debit card. Load at least $5 on it at grocery stores and gas stations around town, or register it and load online. Then just tap and board.
  • Retailers and reload locations
  • Mobile ticketing app. Download the app and use your smart phone to buy a ticket.
  • Cash - Exact change only is accepted.

Free, three-hour transfers in any direction are available to all unless you pay by cash.

go icon3. Board the bus.

Use our free Next Bus Arrival Texting service to find real-time bus arrivals and avoid unneeded time in the Houston heat, rain or cold.

Be sure to leave the front seats vacant for the disabled or elderly. When you're ready to get off, press the button above you or on the pole to alert the driver you need to get off at the next stop.


METRO has three lines: The Red Line, Purple Line and Green Line. Go to the station that takes you to closest to your destination.

fare items icons1. Pay your fare.

If you have a METRO Q Card, tap and go. If you need to reload, you can do it at a ticket vending machine on the platform and use a credit card to add money to your Q Card.

You can also pay cash or use a credit or debit card to buy a one-use ticket.

go icon2. Board the train and hold on to your ticket.

Fare inspectors wearing yellow vests will randomly check to make sure you have a ticket or tapped your Q Card. They may do this while you're riding or when you first disembark.


METRO has many Park & Ride locations across the city. Parking is free. Find the route you need, park your car and lock it, then walk to the waiting bus or bus bay. Tap your Q Card when you board and the correct amount will be automatically deducted. Fares vary at each Park & Ride.


If you have a Q Card, you can transfer free from rail to bus, or bus to rail, in any direction, for up to three hours. Simply tap your card each time you board, and your card will only be charged once. This option is not available for cash users, so be sure to get your Q Card or use our mobile fare app.


All our buses and trains are 100 percent ADA-accessible. Buses can kneel so they are close to ground level. Buses are also equipped with ramps that slide out, allowing wheelchair riders to board smoothly, then be parked in a wide space near the front. The driver will strap you in for safety.

We operate low-floor trains so wheelchairs can roll from the platform to the rail car easily. Two chairs in each rail car flip up, making room for wheelchairs.

New to our system? We have travel trainers who offer free sessions, riding with you on a trip to guide you step-by-step. Call 713-750-4234 or email to schedule an appointment.


On the Bus
All of our local buses have a bike rack on the front bumper that accommodates two bikes. It's easy to load your bike and snap it down to secure it. If the rack is full, wait for the next bus.

If you're at a Park & Ride lot served by a coach bus, simply store your bike in the belly of the bus where luggage is normally stored.

On the Train
Simply roll your bike on board in non-peak hours. You can hold it, or stand it on end and hook it to a wall hook.


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