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Rail Service Interruptions: What You Need To Know

METRORail Emergency Rail Shuttle Stops

METRORail Emergency Rail Shuttle Stops

Riding METRORail is an easy and exciting way to travel between downtown and the Fannin South Park & Ride lot. We strive to provide continuous train service; however, interruptions along the line may happen. If you find yourself in the middle of a service delay, we have a plan to keep you moving quickly and safely to your destination.

Types of Service Interruptions

There are five primary reasons that cause an interruption of train service:

  • Blocked trackway
  • Vehicle/train accident
  • Disabled trains
  • Power outages
  • Flooding

What to Expect

In the event that rail operation is interrupted, METRO will attempt to maintain service using a "single track" for both directions of travel. This will allow service to continue, but not as frequently as scheduled. If trains are crowded (for instance during rush hour in downtown or the TMC) or if both tracks are blocked, METRO will provide dedicated "Rail Shuttle" buses to transport passengers to stops adjacent to rail platforms along the line.

What Should You Do?

If you are on a train when service is interrupted, listen carefully for important announcements. The train operator will keep you informed as to what is happening and instruct you if it is necessary to exit and board another train or a rail shuttle bus.

If you are directed to exit the train and it is not at a rail platform, please be aware of the eight-inch difference between the floor of the vehicle and the pavement. METRO personnel will be available to assist you and direct you where to board the alternative service.

Bell StationWhat You Should Know

If you are waiting to board a train or approaching a rail platform when service has been interrupted, pay close attention to the audio and visual platform announcements. These messages provide important information about the status of train service and when it is necessary to board a rail shuttle bus or other alternative bus service. A map is attached to the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at each rail platform showing where to board rail shuttle buses and alternative bus routes in the immediate area (see example above).

If train service is running on a "single track," announcements will direct passengers to board at the rail platform serving that track. For example, if trains are operating in both directions on the northbound track and you wish to travel southbound, you must board at the northbound platform.

Rail Shuttle Buses

When it is necessary to board a rail shuttle bus, look for the "700 Rail Shuttle Bus" which will be displayed on the bus destination sign located above the windshield. No transfer is needed; however, the bus operator may ask to see your rail ticket or other proof of purchase.

Where to Board

From Fannin South Station to Bell Station:
Service will operate along the rail line. Passengers will board the rail shuttle bus curbside across from each platform at the nearest intersection.

From Bell Station to UH-Downtown Station:
Service will operate on east and west streets crossing Main. Passengers will board the rail shuttle bus curbside at the intersection adjacent to each platform.

Rail shuttle buses will stop at METRO bus stops with the "METRORail Emergency Shuttle Bus Stop" listed on the stop sign. (Refer to map for specific locations.)