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System Safety Division: This division makes sure that safety and environmental hazards are identified, controlled or eliminated to ensure the highest degree of safety for METRO riders, employees and the public.

System Safety Engineering Unit: Conducts the annual, internal safety audit to verify that all METRO departments are satisfactorily performing their assigned safety tasks and activities. The unit also develops safety standards, procedures and specifications as required; analyzes and researches safety innovations and proposed changes to ensure that all operating practices, equipment, facilities, goods and services received for use on both bus and rail systems comply with METRO and industry standards.

Accident Data Analysis Unit:
Maintains an effective statistical surveillance over METRO bus and rail system public accidents.   

Transportation Safety Unit:
Maintains safety surveillance over METRO passenger facilities, vehicle operations and vehicle maintenance through inspections and proactive monitoring to identify unsafe or hazardous conditions before they result in accidents or passenger injuries. The unit also investigates employees’ accidents and accidents involving revenue service vehicles, injuries on duty and near misses, determines cause of the accidents/incidents and develops corrective actions plans that prevent reoccurrences.

Environmental Compliance Unit: Responsible for all aspects of environmental compliance related to METRO’s facilities, buses and the light rail system. The unit oversees general compliance related to air, water, waste, and spill response activities including permitting, waste disposal, regulatory submittals and remediation.

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