Grant Programs

5307 / 5337 / 5339 Formula Grants

Final FTA C 5100 (PDF)
Final FTA C 5300 (PDF)
Final FTA C 9030.1E (PDF)
Notice of 5307 / 5337 / 5339 Grant Funds Available for 2017 (PDF)
2017 - 5307 / 5337 / 5339 Application Schedule (PDF)
5307 / 5337 / 5339 Houston UZA Grant Process (PDF)
Guidance on Accessing The Houston METRO Secure FTP Site For Doc. Mgmt. (PDF)
5307-5337-5339-Formula-Grants-Workshop-081517 (PDF)



Houston METRO Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures


5310 Grant Program

5310 Enhanced Mobility For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (PDF)

Final Section 5310 Project Management Plan PMP (PDF)

C9070 1G Final Circular (PDF)

2016 Certs and Assurances (PDF)

Notice of 5310 Grant Funds Available for Summer 2016 (PDF)

2016 Summer Application Schedule (PDF)

Section 5310 Grant Application FY2016 (Word)

2016 Budget Worksheet (Excel)

Accessing METRO Secure FTP Site For Doc. Mgmt. (PDF)

5310-Workshop-Aug-2016 (PDF)

Houston-UZA-Map (PDF)


For general grant information, please contract METRO Grant Programs at 713-739-4697 or via email at



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