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Listed below are METRO’s current solicitations.

Some solicitation documents are available online for download.

To view Solicitation Details click on the solicitation number.


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  IB1400057 Bus Wash Systems Rehabilitation for Multi-Facility 12/9/2014 
  RT1500001 ID/IQ Construction Contracts 12/8/2014 
  IB1400030 Rail Operations Center (ROC) Yard Build Out 12/5/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  IB1500001 Purchase of Dellner Couplers 12/3/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  RFI1500001 Third party CNG Fueling Stations 1/5/2015 
  RP1500001 Operator Timekeeping System 12/19/2014 
  RP1400031 Paratransit Eligibility Assessments 12/9/2014 
  IB1400060 Recycling of Used Oil, Used Oil Filters and Used Coolant 12/2/2014 
  IB1500002 Repair of Damaged Dellner Coupler 12/1/2014 
  RFQ1400010 Environmental Remediation Oversight & Compliance (EROC) Services 12/1/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  IB1500003 Purchase of Police Uniforms & Accessories 12/16/2014 
  IB1500004 CNG Fueling for METRO Buses 12/5/2014 
  IFBMM15001 Purchase and Delivery of Thermo King A/C Parts for Transit Vehicles 12/3/2014