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Listed below are METRO’s current solicitations.

Some solicitation documents are available online for download.

To view Solicitation Details click on the solicitation number.


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  RT1400004 Harrisburg Overpass Construction 9/9/2014 
  IB1400042 Southeast Corridor Street Modifications 9/4/2014 
  IB1400051 Construction of Burnett Street Improvements 9/3/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  IB1400052 Purchase of Rail Sweeper Vehicle 9/16/2014 
  IB1400035 Purchase of a rail grinding - dust collection vehicle 9/4/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  RFQ1400007 Noise and Vibration Consulting Services on an "As-Needed" Basis 9/25/2014 
  RQ1400005 Design, Build, Finance & Maintain CNG Fueling Station @ NWBOF 9/23/2014 
  RQ1400009 Design, Build, Finance & Maintain CNG Fueling Station @ Fallbrook BOF 9/23/2014 
  RP1400020 METROLift Accessible Minivan Transportation Services  9/18/2014 
  RP1400022 Ridership Estimation Reporting Software 9/17/2014 
  IB1400048 Cleaning Services for METROLift Vehicles 9/9/2014 
  IB1400047 Collection, Transportation, Disposal of Solid Waste 9/2/2014 
  IB1400046 Cleaning and Power Washing Services for METRO Bus Stop Shelters in Midtown, Southeast and Southwest sides of Houston 9/2/2014 


 Solicitation No.Title Due Date 
  IFBMM14020 Purchase and Delivery of Axletech Transit Vehicle Parts 9/10/2014 
  IFBMM14019 Purchase and Delivery of MCI Bus Parts 9/3/2014