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Role and Services of the Program Advisor

METRO has a Small Business/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SB/DBE) Program that applies to all prime contractors and subcontractors involved with the METRO Solutions Phase 2 Project. The Program and corresponding Procedures are contained in METRO's SBE Manual that is available on METRO's website.

The primary role of the Contractor's Program Advisor is to assist the prime contractor teams in developing and implementing a program that achieves the goals and objectives of METRO's Small Business/Disadvantaged Business Program from project inception to project completion.

  • Assisting prime contractors with the identification and selection of subcontractors for METRO Solutions contracts.
  • Assisting prime contractors in the preparation of the Utilization Plan for submission in response to Requests for Proposal.
  • Facilitating the introduction of small/disadvantaged business enterprises to potential prime contractors.
  • Coordinating and participating in industry review meetings and contractor mixers in conjunction with community chambers of commerce and contractor associations to acquaint the appropriate parties with the opportunities available on various projects.


  • Advising prime contractors on proactive initiatives to support small/disadvantaged businesses' participation in METRO Solutions projects.
  • Supporting prime contractors in their good faith efforts to utilize small/disadvantaged businesses to satisfy contract goals.
  • Maintaining records, and documenting and reporting specific efforts to identify and award subcontracts to small/disadvantaged business enterprises, in accordance with METRO's SB/DBE Program.
  • Performing other duties as may be determined to ensure the successful participation of small/disadvantaged businesses in METRO Solutions projects and compliance with METRO's SB/DBE Program.


  • Identifying skills and areas of expertise that are likely to be needed but do not appear to be available currently from small/disadvantaged business enterprises, and identifying and reaching out to potential sources to meet these needs.
  • Conducting targeted outreach programs to assure that all communities and all interested parties are aware of METRO Solutions' procurement opportunities.
  • Providing technical assistance to small/disadvantaged businesses.
  • Developing an availability/capability matrix for assessment of the needs of small/disadvantaged businesses, where necessary.


Pre-Qualified Program Advisors Contact Information

AHRMDCO International, LLC             
Roderick Lemon

Business Equity Alliance
Diane Olmos
Alt. Contact: Nancy Berkman

Grijalva & Allen
Alex Sandoval
Alt. Contact: David Vasquez


PEC Corp.
D. V. ("Sonny") Flores

The Principle Partnering Group 
Karen Becerra

QWIC, Inc.                                          
Nancy C. Myers

The Burrell Group
Martin Burrell