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Prime Contractor Payment Verification

METRO requires contractors to make payments to their subcontractors within five (5) days after the contractor receives their payment from METRO. The list below shows payments METRO made to contractors this week. 

Follow these steps to determine when you can expect your payment from your contractor.

  1. Check the contractor payment list weekly for METRO payments to your prime contractor.
  2. You may be due a payment from your contractor if you submitted your invoice to your contractor before the listed invoice date. If not sure, contact your contractor to find out if your invoice was included.
  3. In calculating the five (5) day period, please allow time for mail and/or delivery of payments to subcontractors.
  4. If you do not receive payment within 10 days of the payment date, contact your contractor for the status of your payment.
  5. If you have any questions or have not received payment from your contractor, call the project manager for assistance.


CT1000100 Vanpool Management Services 2 Plus of Texas, Inc 6/17/14 7/18/14 David McMaster (713) 739-3895
CT1000100 Vanpool Management Services 2 Plus of Texas, Inc 6/24/14 7/18/14 David McMaster (713) 739-3895
RS0900116 Internal Program Advisor Services A.O. Phillips & Associates 7/3/14 7/18/14 Karen Hudson (713) 739-6048
RA0700002 Quality Assurance    ATSER LP 6/30/14 7/18/14 Lloyd Welch (713) 739-3890
RA1100008 Noise/Vibration Assessment Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc 6/12/14 7/15/14 Edmund Petry (713) 739-4613
RA1200002 Land Surveying Services Huitt- Zollars Inc. 6/26/14 7/18/14 Frank Andrews (713) 739-4974
CT1000049 METRONet Security & Surveillance Support Johnson Controls, Inc. 4/19/14 7/18/14 Ronnie Johnson (713) 615-6255
CT1300043 El Dorado Park & Ride Klotz Associates, Inc. 6/27/14 7/18/14 Bridgette Towns (713) 739-4882
CT0800136 HOT Lanes- Operate and Maintain TransCore ITS, Inc. 5/30/14 7/15/14 Nader Mirjamali (713) 739-4875

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