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Contract Compliance & Dispute Resolution

Contract Compliance Overview

Contract Compliance staff monitor SB/DBE activity on all METRO contracts with Small Business goals and ensures compliance with all local and federal regulations. Contract compliance staff develops the Small Business contract goal, and monitor all contracts with a Small Business goal until completion. The staff verifies payments to SB/DBEs and conducts ‘Commercially Useful Function’ inspections throughout METRO. A SB/DBE Management system has been implemented to monitor all SB/DBE utilization and verification of payments online. The web-based software system is available to all METRO departments, SB/DBE's, and contractors.

If you need assistance in regards to Small Business Contract Compliance, please contact Karen Hudson, Director of Small Business Compliance at 713-739-6048 or via email at


Dispute Resolution Overview

METRO seeks to amicably resolve disputes relating to the operation of the SB/DBE Programs. Mediation and grievance procedures are available for dispute resolution.

Available Services:

  • Mediation of Prime Contractor and Small Business Dispute
  • Arbitration of Discrimination Disputes between Prime Contractor and SB firm

A major component of the Office of Small Business is SB/DBE dispute resolution. This work is extremely important because it allows for the management of the relationships between subcontractors and primes as well as between METRO and its prime contractors. The work is critical because often SB/DBE participation is impacted by poor relationships and those relationships can be managed and prevented from becoming strained and remain positive. 

Click here to submit a Dispute Resolution Request online. Please include as much information as possible to determine the best course of action.

If you need assistance in regards to Dispute Resolution, please contact Karen Hudson, Director of Small Business Compliance at 713-739-6048 or via email at


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