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METRO Matters

Welcome to METRO Matters. This 15-minute talk show will inform you about important matters you need to know – from building light rail to discounts you can get with your METRO Q® Fare Card. You’ll meet the people behind the scenes, who make this agency run and help move our buses and trains.

The show airs on Houston Media Source (HMS TV), a cable access channel. HMS TV is found on Comcast’s Channel 17, TV Max 95, Sudden Link 99, Phonoscope 75 and AT&T U-verse 99. It also airs every Tuesday and Thursday on HCCTV at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. HCCTV is found on Comcast’s Channel 19, TV Max Channel 97, Phonocope Channel 77 and Cebridge Channel 20. METRO Matters is also available 24/7 on HCC’s website via Internet streaming.


System Reimagining

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Imagine never consulting a schedule for the next bus. You walk outside and know that every 15 minutes a bus will appear – even on weekends.

That’s what METRO is proposing in a huge project to redesign our local bus routes. It’s called System Reimagining. On a frequently traveled network, buses would arrive every 15 minutes or better, seven days a week. On little used routes, a new type of shuttle type service would transport residents to various destinations in their neighborhood and also provide connections to other regional bus routes at key locations.
Watch this latest episode of “METRO Matters” and hear Kurt Luhrsen, vice president of Planning, explain how this will work if the plan is approved by the METRO board.

Runs 15 minutes
You may also view this video on You Tube. System ReImagining


METROLift Rules Change (6.4.14)

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METROLift is changing its rules for no-shows and late cancellations.

Up until now, METROLift - our paratransit serivce - has been very lenient about people who make a reservation for a ride and then simply don't show up.

After surveys and community outreach, METRO changed the rules on June 1 to create a more efficient and on-time service. In 2013, METRO had 700 no-shows or late cancellations per day, creating a cascading effect on other patrons using the system and making their trips delayed.

Take a listen to the latest edition of “METRO Matters” and find out why the policies are changing, and how they affect you if you are a METROLift patron. We hope these changes will help us better match resources to needs and provide improved service.

Runs 15 minutes
You may also view this video on You Tube. METROLift Rules Change


METRO Safety (1.15.14)

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Your safety on our system is our top priority.

With our newly extended North/Red Line and two more light-rail lines opening this fall,  learning tips for safety around rail is vital.

Find out what METRO is doing to promote safety- from our buses to our light-rail line. What role do our four-footed officers play? And how are cameras on buses used?

Tim Kelly, vice president of Safety, tells us about keeping safe on the latest edition of METRO Matters.

Runs 15 minutes
You may also view this video on You Tube. METRO Safety


METRO Day Pass (10.7.13)

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The popular Day Pass has returned to METRO. For only $3, commuters can take unlimited trips on all of METRO’s local buses and trains.

Here’s Larry Wood, director of Budget Operations, to explain in English and Nicole Adler, sales representative, to tell us in Spanish.


Runs 15 minutes
You may also view this video on You Tube. METRO Day Pass


Re-imagining Our Routes (7.8.13)

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Board Member Christof Spieler is spearheading a project in which we redesign our bus routes, starting with a blank sheet of paper. Find out on METRO Matters why this System Re-imagining Project is vital to our region.


Runs 15 minutes



Open Your Brain: This is a Train (5.2.13)

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Open your brain, this is a train. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s made to last.

It’s 50 tons of steel and blue, and shiny cars headed right for you.

That’s part of a safety message we’re taking to the schools along the new rail lines we’re building. Elementary students see this animation, while middle and high schoolers use a wrist band to reinforce safety lessons. Listen to Mike Martinez, manager of Stakeholder Affairs, tell how we’re teaching kids to be safe around rail.

Runs 15 minutes


How To Do Business With METRO (3.22.13)

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Can a small business really capture a contract with a giant agency like METRO?

The answer is yes, if you become small business-certified and learn how to partner with prime contractors.

Kimberly Williams, vice president of the Office of Small Business, simplifies the process and tells how small businesses can take advantage of opportunities METRO offers.

Runs about 15 minutes