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New Bus Shelter program

The Passenger Bus Shelter Program is an initiative to install bus shelters throughout the METRO service area. The program consists of the design and construction of new shelter foundations, as well as the fabrication and installation of standard passenger bus shelters. This program reinforces METRO’s commitment to reinvesting in the agency’s bus system backbone. Public response has been very positive. Installation of shelters has been shown to increase ridership at a given bus stop by an average of 20 additional riders per day. Bus shelters provide patrons both safety and protection from the elements.

For a bus stop to qualify for shelter placement, one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • Boardings (ridership) (35+daily)
  • Proximity to other routes-transfers
  • Proximity to activity centers – areas of high population or employment
  • Elderly/Physically Challenged Patrons
  • Safety issues – lighting and crime

When a request for a passenger bus shelter is received, it goes through the following process:

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If you’re a regular bus rider on any of our 14 core routes, you may have noticed bus shelters popping up at stops where there was only a pole and sign.

Click on the video to hear Vince Obregon, associate vice president of engr. & major capital projects, tell why we’re doing this and what you can do if you want a bus shelter at your favorite stop.

You may submit a request for a bus shelter in your area via the following:

  • METRO’s Public Comment System
  • METRO’s Customer Care Center by calling 713-635-4000
  • Visiting our Customer Care Center at METRO’s Administration Building at 1900 Main
  • Email request to:
    Mr. Pablo F. Valle
    Sr. Project Manager
    Subject: Bus Shelter Program Request