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Discover what METRO can do for you.

METRO's combination of services, including bus, train and vanpool, help area residents meet their unique transportation challenges. We call it- "seamless service." This guide contains the knowledge you need to get on board with METRO, including how to plan your trip, navigate our system and even pay for your ride.


The Ride Way

A Guide to Using METRO’s Services

Knowing where you are going is one thing, figuring out how to get there is another. That’s why METRO makes it easy to get the latest route and schedule information on demand. Just choose the option that is most convenient for you:

Make the Call
Want to speak with a live person? Call the METRO Customer Care Center at 713-635-4000. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by and ready to help – seven days a week:

Weekdays - 6 a.m. to midnight
- 8 a.m. to midnight

Need help after hours? METRO automated route and schedule information is available 24 hours a day. Just call 713-635-4000 and follow the prompt. Hearing impaired customers can call 713-635-6993 (TTY).

Visit the METRO RideStore
Located at 1900 Main Street, the METRO RideStore is where you can purchase a METRO Fare Card, replace a lost or stolen fare card or reload an existing one. Plus, eligible riders can apply for student or senior discount fare cards and more!

Find a Fare Retailer
METRO fares can also be purchased through one of our valued retail partners located throughout the region. Visit for a list of current retailers to find the one near you.

Reading a Bus Schedule
METRO’s printed bus schedules are available at our RideStore located at 1900 Main Street. Each schedule is clearly marked and offers everything you need to complete your trip:

  • Verify the day of the week and direction of the route by looking at the top of the schedule (ex: “Weekday Outbound”)
  • The numbered dots below are called “time points,” and they identify major stops along the route map
  • Find the time points closest to your location and where you want to go
  • Look below the time point to see when you would like to arrive at your destination
  • Now move your finger left along the line to the time point closest to where you will board

Now it’s time to find your stop!

Choose a Ride
METRO offers three basic ways to travel:

Local Bus
This service runs mostly on city streets, making stops at every other corner along its designated route. Cost to ride is just $1.25 one way.

Commuter Bus
Designed for long-distance commuting, METRO currently offers service from 28 Park & Ride and 19 Transit Center locations across the region. Popular destinations include Downtown, Greenway Plaza, the Texas Medical Center, Uptown/Galleria area and more. Cost to ride may vary per location.

Looking for a quick way to move about town? METRORail offers 12.8 miles of convenient travel with service from Reliant Park to the Texas Medical Center, Museum District Downtown and Northline, with countless destinations in between. Cost to ride is just $1.25 each way.

100 Percent ADA Accessibility
METRO is proud of the fact that each of our vehicles is 100 percent ADA accessible. This means that every METRO bus comes complete with a ramp, hydraulic lift or kneeling feature that makes boarding easier. 

METRORail trains feature level platform boarding, 32-inch wide doors (that open with each stop) and four wheelchair-dedicated flip-up seats.

Riders with physical disabilities or special needs also enjoy frequent audio and visual announcements and designated priority seating near the front of our buses and trains.


Ways to Pay

METRO Q® Fare Card
Our most popular form of payment, the METRO Q® Fare Card lets you ride any of our buses or trains with just a single “tap” of your card. Plus, there’s no searching for exact change because your fare is pre-paid – and it's reusable.

Plus, cardholders receive valuable rider rewards:

  • 5 FREE rides for every 50 paid trips
  • FREE transfers for up to three hours in the same direction

Day Pass
Designed for the frequent rider, the METRO Day Pass lets you enjoy unlimited light-rail and local bus service with just three paid taps of your card. Ride all day long and never pay more than $3 a day.

You can always use cash to pay for your bus or train fare; however, METRO does not offer discounts or FREE transfers when using cash.

Reloading Your Card
METRO offers five convenient ways to add money to your METRO fare card:

Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)
The quick-pay machines are located on all METRORail platforms and outside the METRO RideStore at 1900 Main. Here cards can be reloaded with cash or a credit/debit card.

Credit Vending Machine (CVM)
Found only at METRO Park & Rides and select Transit Centers, these machines allow you to reload your METRO fare card using your credit or debit card only – no cash.

Back of Bus Reloader (BBR)
Located at the rear of all METRO local buses, these machines allow you to add money to your METRO fare card using paper bills only – no coins.

Need to add money to your card in a flash? Registration is required. Call 713-635-4000 to receive your password.

Area Retailers
Need to purchase a METRO fare card or add value to existing one? METRO retailers are located throughout the region. Find the retailer near you.


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